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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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today we have done what we have promised. we have found and brought shane home. we want to thank everyone for their support and prayers and love and ask they continue to pray for our family at this trying time. >> a tragic end to the search for shane montgomery weeks after he disappeared. his family confirms that divers pulled his body from the schuylkill river in manayunk today. >> wet and wild weather changes. today we saw wintry conditions. nbc 10 in university city this afternoon where cameras caught sleet coming down near 32nd and market.
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other areas just saw some rain. this was the scene outside the flea market in burlington county. folks had hoods on to protect from downpours. we have not seen the last of the rain and britney is here with details on that along with more dramatic weather changes in store for us. >> we have a lot happening with the weather. we're going to continue to see rain for the rest of the night and temperatures are actually warming up. overnight we'll be warmer tonight than we were throughout the day. you can see the rainfall right now right along the i-95 corridor. we're still dealing with a bit of a wintry mix closer to the poconos but everywhere else because temperatures have warmed up are now dealing with rainfall. that's going to be the trend for the rest of the tonight. more moisture making its way in. and even as we head into tomorrow for the start of sunday, we'll continue to see showers through the morning hours and closer to the
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afternoon and evening, warmer air will continue to move up from the south and that's going to bring our temperatures into the 60s for tomorrow. so we spend most of the day in the 30s andwise head into the rest of tonight, temperatures will continue to warm. into the 40s by 10:00 p.m. as we wake up tomorrow morning, the temperatures will be in the 40s. we'll continue to warm into the 60s but it's going to be a one day warm-up, well above our average. our average for this time of year 41 degrees. tomorrow's high 63 degrees. take a look at what happens on monday, down to the 30s and that's just the beginning of temperatures that will be well below average. i'll have all of the details coming up. you can track the weather changes heading your way with your smartphone and tablet, get alerts and advisory by downloading our app for free on our website. now to our breaking news shane montgomery's family news divers recovered his body today
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more than a month after he first went missing. philadelphia police say they discovered a body in the schuylkill river behind the manayunk brewery just afternoon. that's several blocks from the pub where the 21-year-old west chester university student was seen early thanksgiving morning. monique braxton joins us live in manayunk manayunk. shane's family spoke about what happened. >> reporter: that's right, denise the body was found a few feet from where i'm standing 10 feet out into the river. though grief stricken and emotional but very grateful shane's mother spoke to us. >> we have found and we have brought shane home. >> reporter: with her husband at her side on this somber rainy day, karen montgomery nouss the discovery of her 21-year-old son. >> we want to thank the garden state under water recovery unit. >> relatives rushed to comfort the montgomeries after a body
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was found. police sources say he was wearing the clothing his parents remembered. divers tell us the body of a male was located in the schuylkill river just before noon here behind manayunk brewery. >> north of where we are, the brewery, 10 foot from shore. >> was he in brush, pinned down? >> on the bottom 4 feet deep. >> reporter: four weeks ago this volunteer unit of 12 recovered shane's keys from the river. early thanksgiving morning, the senior disappeared after a night out with family and friends at the pub on main street. the montgomeries never gave up. we went along during several exhaustive searches in the community. >> continue to pray for our family at this trying time. at this time we ask you respect our privacy. we need time to mourn together as a family. >> this is the dive team's
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fourth team to the murky waters and we asked them about finding shane and bringing the montgomeries closure. >> that's why we do this. just to find families loved ones and bring them back to them. >> reporter: the medical examiner will officially identify the body on monday as shane's family prepares for his funeral. live from the banks of the schuylkill river, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. here's a time line of events surrounding his disappearance, the 21-year-old disappeared early thanksgiving morning after a night out at kildare's irish pub. it gained national attention as crews searched on the ground and in the water and by air. it wasn't until december 2st that a group of divers found his keys and today the discovery of his body. be sure to stay with nbc 10 and nbc for any new developments in the shane montgomery case. on our website you'll find the
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full statement from his parents on today's tragic discovery. it's a somber weekend in new york as a second murdered police officer is laid to rest. hundreds attended the wake for officer wenjian liu. officers liu and rafael ramos were gun the down december 20th as they sat in their patrol car. the killer then shot himself. liu's funeral is tomorrow between 100 and 150 philadelphia police officers are expected to attend the funeral just as they did last weekend for officer ramos. the fraternal office of police will provide buses to take officers to the services in new york. in west philadelphia, a solidarity march to support the black lives matter movement. >> what do we want? justice! >> the family friendly event started at the 48th and baltimore and ended at 43rd and
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chester. marchers called for justice for michael brown and eric garner two black men who died at the hands of police officers. many in the crowd were concerned neighbors. >> a lot of us who are parents that really care deeply about how racism affects our community and wanted to have an event that worked for us to bring our children and our families and where children and families and parents could stand together against racism and say black lives matter. >> marchers didn't let today's wet weather stop them from promoting their cause. new information about a raging rowhouse fire in southwest philadelphia. the red cross says 28 people were forced out into the cold last night. it started in one home on south 68th street and spread to two more before firefighters were able to get the upper hand. three people were hurt including two who jumped from the second floor of one of the homes. the cause is under investigation. tonight we know the identity of the man who shot his
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ex-girlfriend and her father and then killed himself. camden county police say marcus johnson shot himself in the parking lot of cooper university hospital. he was chased there by officers who saw him run a red light. investigators say johnson slashed the tires of his former girlfriend's car and when her father arrived, johnson shot at his car. father and daughter were wounded and father was able to drive to cooper. he's in stable condition. his daughter is in critical condition. still ahead, sole survivor a young girl survives a deadly plane crash and finds help. tonight the man who found her is speaking out. we hear from him and what we're learning about the tragedy. and the search is on for two inmates who escaped from a local prison. how they managed to break free.
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sonar quimgt located four massive objects on the floor of the java sea. the plane crashed last weekend with 162 people on board. divers have been unable to get in the water because of strong currents and high surf. officials are hopeful the wreckage contains remains of passengers and crew members. so far only 30 bodies have been recovered. a 7-year-old girl survives a plane crash in kentucky walking about a mile without shoes in near freezing temperatures. she knocked on the door of the first home she came to. the man inside said he was stunned when he saw a little girl bloody and crying. >> 7-year-old through the briar patches and got the first scratch would have head back to the plane but she kept on
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coming. survivor. deserves a lot of credit. >> the girl's parents and sister and cousin were all killed in the crash last night. they were flying home from florida to illinois. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. brides to be scored deals on wedding dresses while raising money for a great cause. we'll explain next britney? >> i'm tracking a wet night ahead, wet end to the weekend and i'll let you what to expect.
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tonight state police are searching for two inmates who escaped from prison. they set off a fire alrm at the wernersville correctional center last night. they ran off and got into a silver mini van. if you see these men, you're asked to call police. new at 6:00 hundreds of
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philadelphia students and their parents are more prepared for the future tonight. that's because they took part in the philadelphia futures annual conference at drexel university. it was a day of educational workships to kick off 2015. the group is a combination of high school and college students along with their parents and volunteer mentors. >> really set the tone for the year, we really want them to know whatever grade level they are in whether they are a high school freshman or college senior, what they really need to know to make sure they are doing the best as they can in high school and stay on the path to college. >> today's event helps students prepare to the journey through and to college. in montgomery county today, a basketball game to battle cancer. the second annual lady panther alumni game part of a national program called coaches versus cancer. it raises awareness and money for the american cancer
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association and this year the blue team tallied up the most points. but everyone is a winner because the game raised $1,000. >> local brides get a deal on dresses and do good at the same time. nbc 10 in essington today where brides against breast cancer offered up hundreds of designer and brand name gowns at discounts up to 85%. proceeds fund free programs for breast cancer patients and their families. >> their family their caregivers, anyone around them. so to be able to fund programs that support those people through dress sales, it's a win, win for everyone. >> last year's brides against breast cancer event raised more than a million dollars. >> umbrellas were up at broad and olney. some in the region had to deal with sleet and slick roads and
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even snow. that was mainly confined to the poconos. we'll continue with the rainfall on and off and into sunday. we're tracking warmer temperatures as we head into sunday and much colder air is on its way. we're talking daytime highs in the 20s. there's a live look outside. you can see the visibility is down. it's going to be a foggy night. we'll see foggy conditions to start off sunday as well. foggy in the poconos and temperatures at 39 degrees with rain coming down. it feels like 34 degrees. light wind speeds at 7 miles per hour. as we head into the rest of tonight, we'll see temperatures warming up as warmer air continues to move in. most of us saw mostly rainfall and now all seeing rainfall because we have warmer air coming up from the south. a closer look at the poconos where we did pick up 1.3 inches of snowfall at mount pocono we're dealing with a wintry mix. as warmer air continues to move up we'll see all rainfall on
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and off throughout the weekend. if you plan on staying out late still rain throughout the area we'll see it lingering into sunday morning. by noon we'll see the rainfall picking up once again and then tapering off. another round moves in closer to 8:00 and that's going to be heavier closer to the shore. it's going to be a warmer day tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s, low 60s so big time warm-up on sunday. as we head into monday we'll see a cold front drop temperatures more than 20 degrees. we drop right down into the 30s as we start off the workweek and that's just the beginning. i'll show you that in the 7-day forecast. the visibility is down in the poke foecono poconos, mile and a half in philadelphia and right now temperatures at 31 in the poconos and 34 in allentown and mid 30s in quakertown and 36 in ken net square and 39 in philadelphia. 40 in northeast philly 38 in trenton. closer to the shore, temperatures in the mid-40s, 43 degrees in millville, as we head into the rest of the evening,
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warmer air moves in and overnight lows in the 40s for philadelphia tonight although we mainly spent the day in the 30s. as we head into tomorrow there will be a warmer start to the day. expect temperatures to reach the 60s and the average is in the low 40s, we'll be well above average tomorrow. as we head into monday we'll see a big drop in temperatures. a closer look at the temperature trend. average at 41. 63 tomorrow 39 on monday. dropping down substantially. as we head into the rest of tonight, temperatures in the low 40s for philadelphia. we'll actually stay in the 30s for suburbs to the north and west. 36 degrees in the 7-day forecast, lots of changes here tomorrow 62 degrees. showers, keep your umbrellas handy, temperatures drop right back down to the 30s. we stay in the 30s tuesday and wednesday but arctic air drops into the 20s for daytime highs overnight lows for some locations in the teens, even single digits we start to round
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out temperatures as we head into friday and saturday of next week. >> another injury for the flyer tonight. villanova trying for best start in school history and with chip kelly getting the football power with the eagles how much does this help the birds? our expert weighs in.
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time to check in with lester holt for what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> coming up tonight, late details of the 7-year-old who survived and walked away from a plane crash that claimed the lives of her family and severe weather hitting a big part of the country this weekend. they are off, days into 2015 next year's presidential race begins now. and the growing popularity of cat cafes.
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we'll explain in a few minutes for nbc nightly news. for now we'll send it back to you. >> we'll see you soon. >> chip kelly has all of the football power with the eagles now and pro football talk is reporting ed man wits will interview for the job. it was a major shake-up yesterday with the birds, chip gets all of the control of the football operations jeff lori gave andy reid the same power and he went on to five nfc championship games. ruben frank thinks this is the only think he could do to get the birds closer to a super bowl. >> i think they are closer only because the model that was in place wasn't working. and there have been front office chaos really for a lot of years. the eagles are good always win
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ten games but haven't been able to take the next step. the last time it was a formidable franchise was 2000-2004 when there was a very stable front office in place with tom and andy reid and joe banner. now i think that same kind of structure is back in place and they are going to have a chance with chip kelly running the whole show to be great again. >> on to college hoops, villanova number six. can they start 14-0 for the first time they are at seton hall who upset them. first half caring ton, part of a 17-3. villanova fighting back. putting the cats up five in the second half. over two minutes left daniel career day 19 points. how about 24 boards the most for villanova in 44 years. we're tied at 56. then tied at 58, gets a good
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look and three but misses. we have overtime in o.t. caring ton gives seton hall the lead it is the second straight win and nova loses, 56-61, their first loss of the season. >> good game we didn't play our best, but i think it's because seton hall played a little bit better. they executed better defensively and i thought they made their guys made shots we didn't. >> on to saint joe's, hosting george washington nice pass to deandre and game high 22 eight minutes left another three for the colonials putting them up 20. made a run but they lose 64-60. saint joe's is 6-6. drexel dragons on the break. allen, back to lee. lee with 29 points.
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ee elijah bryant with the three leads all scores 32. drexel loses by 10 and dragons are 2-10. flyers wrapping up their season long eight-game road trip in new jersey trying to break the four-game losing streak. scott laugt ton has an undisclosed injury claude gir rux can play. >> he got cut on the back of the leg by a skate. it looked really bad. he was bleeding and said it was a good thing he was wearing kef lar socks. >> i got lucky there, told those socks probably saved from pretty good damage. glad he escaped that a little bit. >> sixers also finishing their road trip trying to break a four-game losing streak coming off the 16-point loss last night. four points in 22 minutes but brown says sometimes it's better
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to learn by watching. >> i took him out and didn't put him back in and it just was one -- wasn't one of those nights for him. it was not a great game and so be it. to sit there and absorb it and look how a game plays out, there's a development side of that too. >> we'll see the response tonight. i'm john clark, back to you, denise. >> talk about a lucky penny, we're not talking about money, but this dog, penny the puppy, is back home near seattle washington, after being found in pittsburgh. 7-month-old penny escaped from her home and a truck driver picked her up thinking she was a stray dog. he drove her all the way to a pittsburgh animal clinic. through social media and a lot of phone calls, her owners tracked down a rescue group to pick her up and get her to baltimore. then alaska airlines flew her home for free. that's a cross country traveling pip but we dont have to go far
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to get warmth for ourselves. >> the showers will linger on and off through sunday. don't put the umbrellas today, temperatures tomorrow at 62 degrees. the average this time of year is 41. then take a look what happens on monday. we drop down into the 30s. take a look at thursday a blast of arctic air sends our daytime temperatures into the 20s. we start to recover heading into friday and saturday. so a lot happening with our weather over the next few days. >> gets warm and then the arctic blast moves in and it's a reality check. >> thanks. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. we'll see you back here tonight after the game. nbc nightly news is next. for news and updates any time, head to
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for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v on this saturday night, against all odds. a 7-year-old girl walks out of a plane that crashed and killed four others in her family. tonight her remarkable story of survival and her journey to summon help. piece by piece. the most hopeful signs yet that the wreckage of the doomed airasia plane itself has been found, one week after it went down. game on. now just a year away from the start of presidential primary season the jockeying has begun. we'll look at all those who may be in the running. and desperate move. families relocating to colorado in hopes of treating their children's illnesses. the latest twist in the marijuana boom.


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